Western Coalition Claims Regarding ISIS Death Toll Are Still Obviously False

A while ago I wrote that the Western anti-ISIS coalition has claimed to kill roughly 22,000 "jihadist" fighters in Syria and Iraq. This translates to roughly 46 jihadists killed per day. These numbers contradict the numbers of other organizations on the ground in Syria and Iraq. Recently, a video surfaced of a US airstrike in Iraq, which US government officials claimed killed 250 fighters. How were US officials able to confirm this number when bodies were likely blown apart beyond all recognition? Has any other source corroborated the US government's (actually, one anonymous US official) report? Who knows?! 

Even if we assume reports such as this one are true, they cast further doubt on the US's story. If killing almost 50 fighters a day is a normal occurrence then is killing 250 fighters really that impressive? Other offensives with much lower numbers are also widely publicized. It's news when the Western coalition kills 58 fighters or 20 fighters in one go. If killing 46 fighters a day is the norm then the deaths of 20 fighters should provoke the headline "Below average day for the Pentagon in Iraq" but it doesn't. 

The US has every incentive to over-sell its effectiveness in Iraq and Syria (overstate the jihadist death-toll) and undersell its brutality in Iraq and Syria (understate the civilian death-toll). When you compare the numbers out of the Pentagon (~27,000 ISIS fighters killed, 6-15 civilians killed) to those of non-governmental organizations (~5,000 ISIS fighters killed, ~1,100 civilians killed) it seems the US is acting accordingly.