Who Doesn't Support the Iran-Deal?

In light of President Trump's withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the "Iran Nuclear Deal," it is worth wondering if there are any well-known foreign policy scholars who agree with the President on this issue.  I cannot think of one.  

Political scientists are, on average, generally left of center and have a broadly liberal outlook. When it comes to foreign policy that means supporting economic globalization, international institutions, and the prevailing US-led liberal order. But on each of these issues and their sub-issues you can find significant disagreements and minority views coming from both the ideological left and right. For example, Dani Rodrik is highly critical of the "free trade" mantra. Stephen Walt is critical of US adventurism abroad and generally agrees with President Trump's critique of NATO. The late Samuel Huntington was a critic of multiculturalism and immigration to the US. So although the academy general favors economic and political liberalism there are minority views, some of which I think there is good evidence for. 

When it comes to the Iran Nuclear Deal, I cannot think of one prominent international relations scholar who agrees with President Trump's decision to withdraw. Even Randall Schweller, Professor of international relations at Ohio State and vocal supporter of President Trump, put his name alongside Noam Chomsky's in support of the deal

President Trump's statement was completely detached from reality. It got basic facts about the deal wrong (such as the inspection regime), it brought up Iranian-supported actions from decades ago that have nothing to do with nuclear weapons (such as the 1983 embassy bombings), and proposed no realistic means to achieve the goals of the deal in a more effective manner.

It is easy to be criticized by the majority of the academy (which President Trump is often) but it is a stunning achievement to be opposed by the academy in its entirety.   

UPDATE: Following the "hot takes" in the past day it looks like the closest you can get to an IR or FP scholar that supports President Trump's decision is Richard Goldberg, former Republican advisor and senior advisor to the neoconservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. He hasn't published a single academic piece that I can find but he has a lot of practical experience.